Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are mobile devices able to be used for clocking in?

Yes. The administrator does have the capability to turn off this feature to prevent mobile clock-ins.

How do you fix clock punches made in error or add forgotten clock ins/outs?

Employees have the ability to request modifications to their clocked times via the system. The request is sent on to one of your designated administrators who will approve, modify, or deny those requests.

Can my Time Clock Hub interface be matched to the design on my website?

Yes. We understand the importance of extending your brand throughout work operations. Your Time Clock Hub account can be customized to match your website for a small branding fee.

What kind of businesses use Time Clock Hub?

Our system is designed for versatility. It can handle any sized business from self-employed freelancers to big corporations. The online dashboard and mobile app make this solution ideal for office-based operations as well as those who work remotely. Example industries we serve include:


  • Marketing agencies
  • Federal and State agencies (we are compliant with DCAA regulations)
  • Academic institutions such as colleges and universities
  • Staffing companies
  • Retail shops of any kind
  • Hotels, B&B’s, salons, spas
  • Freelancers, engineers, web developers
  • Non-profit organizations and charities (ask about our discounts)
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants
  • Office-based companies, including: tax professionals, travel agents, insurance agents, bookkeepers, doctors and more

If I remove an employee from the system, can I still access their account data?

Yes. The system has the capability to deactivate or reactivate any employee as needed. Time Clock Hub also backs up the information about each employee, so when you reactivate an account there is no need to re-enter employee data.

Do you offer discounts for referrals?

Yes, we reward any paying client a free month with any referral to another paying client. Just contact us with the subdomain of the paying client that you referred.

Can I only allow employees to clock in from specific locations?

Yes. You can set up your account to only allow clock punches from designated IP addresses to prevent workers from using unauthorized locations to punch in. IP addresses of each and every punch in are recorded, so you can access this information and view where employees are clocking in.

Can I add a Time Clock Hub login to my website for easy employee access?

Yes, under the My Account section on your homepage you will find the script used for this purpose. Just copy the script and send it to whomever manages the tech side of your website, and it can be easily added to your homepage.

Does Time Clock Hub software integrate with any Payroll service companies?

Yes. We have partnered with outside payroll processors to provide this service apart from the time tracking service. Without payroll services, you can still print out payroll reports which show exactly what the employee made for a designated pay period.

Are there any hidden fees such as setup or cancellation fees?

No. Time Clock Hub does not charge any extra fees beyond our service rates.

Can Time Clock Hub calculate overtime?

Yes. Our system has been designed to calculate overtime “weekly” based on Federal guidelines. Also, the system can accurately calculate the complicated “daily” overtime based on California’s laws. Other overtime options include the ability to set specific considerations according to your work policies.

How can I prevent one employee from clocking in for another employee?

We provide an upgraded version that captures an image with each clock punch so you can ensure the identity of each user.

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