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What Will My Paycheck Be After Taxes?

Employee Payroll

When taking a job, many employees often have important questions they want answered. Employees may want to know what work hours they will maintain, who they must report to in case of a problem and what holidays they are given off. One of the most important questions many employees have is their pay. In general, […]

How to Setup Direct Deposit for Your Paycheck

Employee Payroll

Many people prefer the convenience of having their paycheck deposited automatically into their checking or savings account. This service eliminates the need to go to the bank, an ATM or to use a smartphone app to deposit a paper check. Direct deposit is often more secure than depositing a paper check, as it eliminates the […]

Pay Stubs- What They Are and Why They Are Important

Employee Payroll

Pay stubs are the papers that are given to employees to show their exact pay after all the deductions have been made. Pay stubs are what the employees and employers look at to show them what exact pay they have received after the taxes, insurance and any additional deductions that are made depending on the […]

What Is a Non-Exempt Employee

Employee Payroll

  The human resource industry divides employees into two broad categories: exempt and non-exempt. Compensation structure is the key difference between exempt and non-exempt employees. Both categories of employees have a right to earn the minimum wage rate. However, non-exempt employees generally qualify for overtime pay and are paid an hourly rate while exempt employees […]

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