Features Designed to Help Your Business Thrive

Online Employee Scheduling

Creating and managing employee schedules can be an extremely tedious task that often requires the help of a full-time employee.

With so many factors to take into consideration, including: rotating schedules, holidays, employee leave-of-absence, shift-change requests, time-off requests, and more .it's practically impossible to not spend a full 40-hour week just on the schedule alone.

Allow employees to take an active role in the schedule development with features from Time Clock Hub including automated time-off requests and schedule-change requests that are sent to the manager for approval. There are other features that help streamline the process such as replicating the entire schedule for the next time period and more.

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Employee Time Tracking

Old-fashioned time tracking methods are inaccurate and result in wasteful spending. Humans make errors. It's a fact. When manually logging time, anything can happen that affects accuracy, including: forgetfulness, dishonesty, or even just an illegible time entry.

Online time tracking provides a simple way to maintain an accurate record of all employee hours worked.

Payroll Reporting

Payroll generation with Time Clock Hub is both fast and easy. Gross pay period totals are calculated within seconds, including the sum of all hours worked during the pay cycle. Our advanced employee time tracking system calculates various expenses such as reimbursements including uploaded receipts, overtime and holiday and vacation accruals. These costs are then separated into an easy to understand format, before totaling them together with the standard employee payout. Generating Payroll reports has never been so easy!

Employee Clock In and Out

Take the guesswork out of time tracking with our online clock-in system. Employees will quickly adapt to the simple dashboard that makes clocking in and out fast and simple.

The versatility of the online clock-in system means that your employees will be able to clock in from practically any location, unless you designate only certain computers as clock-in stations.

The straight forward dashboard and guided system tours will prepare your employees to use the system in no time

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Customizable Notifications

Managers can customize special alerts to help them monitor employee activity. Alerts can be set to either send a text message or email when certain events occur. For example, notify managers when an employee clocks in late, clocks out early, or doesn't clock in at all.

Export Reports

How do you keep track of your books? Do you use QuickBooks or Peachtree?

Time Clock Hub has integration technology that allows you to export reports to the accounting software of your choice so you can manage records as you normally would.

Customize Employee Reports

Run an overall report of your employee work data to identify areas of improvement, or to recognize excellence.

Analyze your accumulative data when you run absence reports, tardiness reports, overtime reports, perfect attendance reports, or a report that shows clock-in points used. Use the customizable filters to generate the reports that matter most to your business.

Requests for Time Off

Managers can take the easy route when it comes to managing employee requests for time off or leave-of-absence.

Employees are empowered to take a more active role in the scheduling process by using the system to submit their time-off requests. As soon as the request is submitted, a notification is sent to the manager who can then approve or deny the request and the changes can take effect in the schedule immediately.

Manageable Reports

Customize reports based on the data that matters most to your business. Specify the time period you need with only the data you choose to include in the report.

After you ran your desired report, easily export data to your desired application and you have everything you need for audits, backups, or presentations. All these functions are made easy with Time Clock Hub.

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