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Time tracking online management and employee efficiency are fundamental for any business establishment, given how time usually translates to money in this world. Having a grasp as to how to best utilize the 24 hours provided by the creator can prove to be the difference between success and failure of the company. Heard about time tracking? Time tracking is just what it sounds like and is the documentation and measurement of the number of hours worked by employees. With the right kind of tech, companies can monitor additional data like employee efficiency and productivity.

This will for sure put an end to the slackers in the organization. And with an essential tool like time tracking app, your time management will assist the team and operations be more efficient, organized and get work done. To put it simply, a time tracking app will help you and your business save a tremendous amount of time and of course money which is the whole point. Time tracking is fundamental if you want to understand how time is spent personally as well as the business as a whole. Having a clear path to the business goals set is what will make it attain success.

Okay, here’s the thing right now, there are a plethora of time tracking apps available, all of which come with their different features. Including GPS tracking, Productivity monitoring, invoicing, and the list just goes on. Whether you run a big company, own a small business, or you’re a freelancer, it will for sure prove to be an asset. But the important question here is which tool will best be suited for you and your team and how it will directly benefit your business. However, with all the advancements in software technology, businesses really can’t afford not to have it in this day and age.

With an online time tracking app, you can record time spent on a job almost effortlessly. Since the advent of the Internet, it has integrated into virtually every field, and that is no different here. Things could be faster, accurate and accountable. You need only open the app, click on the timer, do the job, and click again to stop the timer. Pretty straight forward, right? With most of the operations in a company automated and digitized, with an online time tracker, employers can monitor their employees more efficiently and possibly learn where and how they are wasting time and valuable company resources.

You’ll also learn how long employees spend on a task, which applications they’re using and the URLs they have visited often. So if there’s any questionable behavior, you’ll definitely know about it. Remember that you’re not there to make any friends. So don’t budge when some of the employees claim the online time tracking of their movements is invading on their right to privacy or you’re showing how little you trust them. It’s really not about that; with more information comes with it greater efficiency. Additionally, by using this tool, objective proof as to where the time has gone and the projects getting a disproportionate amount of attention.

Importance of Time Tracking Online For Businesses

Every business, whether big or small, can hugely benefit from using online time tracking app for themselves. So, why is it so important? Apart from the obvious of getting to know how long one has worked, time tracking comes with an array of benefits you can harness. Well, here are a few pointers to give you some insight as to what it can do for you and your business.

Personal Time Tracking

Personal time tracking insights can prove to be quite an eye-opener. Tracking your digital trail across devices can help you know the amount of time spent browsing the web. Which apps and sites you frequently use and how much time you spend going through your mail or finding a document in a cluttered pile of folders. The time spent is then grouped into valuable insights and an overall productivity score. The time you spend doing all these can easily be seen as minor daily routines, but cumulatively, all these activities can turn out to be among the most time-consuming things you do in the workweek.

Based on your overall productivity score, you’ll be able to compare your week to week workday, learn from past mistakes and experiences and adapt to workflow consistently. This tool works best for small teams or just individual time tracking. By adjusting appropriately, you’ll start seeing results in no time.

Project Time Tracking & Management

A successful project can best be described as meeting one’s goals. Time spent in this case is key to measuring the resources needed to attain that objective. Doing time tracking specifically on tasks can prove to be very beneficial for your organization. With resource management solutions, managing your tasks across various projects becomes easy. You will be providing you, your team and the company an opportunity to gain some valuable insights as to how best to manage time

Time tracking makes it simple to analyze the amount of time that’s been spent on a project. With online time tracking Artificial Intelligence, it will be easy to predict time estimations later on. With a time tracking software to manage your project, historical data will be included in future calibrations to enhance the time estimations.

Valuable insights can be generated automatically via dynamic real-time reporting and presented visually directly to the system. This will allow you to get an objective and comprehensive look of your organization projects and how best to act upon them. Time tracking will show which department needs additional resources, in terms of inputs or the workforce, which will give you an insight on who will bring the team most value. This information is critical to the company and employees as a whole.

Tracking budget burn and accurate time sheet reporting cannot be underscored since it gives managers a chance to prioritize team capacity and future. Here’s what you need to do to manage your project better:

i). Understand Your Teams Roles

Among the most significant problems project managers face today is understanding exactly what each team member does on the daily. The last thing you want is finding out company resources are being wasted. Time is presented directly for every team member’s individual tasks. This will give you a better understanding as to each team members’ roles and productivity levels. By having such an accurate and detailed grasp of each of your employees’ responsibilities, you’ll be able to come up with a realistic project estimate that’s not too generous.

You may find that one team member is doing most of the work. In that scenario, you’ll need to change something to bring everyone to the same level. This can include things like sharing workload and responsibility or responsibility. A person’s motivation and interests may also have changed, and a relocation to another team in a different department can prove to be the determining factor bring excitement and growth back in their life while assisting the business to move forward.

ii). Pick The Right People For Jobs

Simply put, if you don’t delegate properly, it’s almost sure that your project will fail. Delegating involves putting in the time to allocate the right tasks to the right people. By drilling into employee daily work patterns, you’ll have a grasp to which areas team members excel at. That will prove to be invaluable information when it comes to improving your delegation expertise. Team morale will go up if you delegate tasks employees are optimally suited for.

With a time tracking tool, you’ll be aware of the duration of time it takes different team members to complete assignments. A time tracking tool will help you know every person’s strengths and weaknesses as well as help you put opportunity cost into consideration. In conclusion, with a time tracking software, you’ll be able to know how much bandwidth (in terms of mentality and time) everybody has and divide up the tasks based upon that.

iii). Put Together A Process

If you don’t put the right workflows in place, your project will most probably fail. You will need to have an in-depth understanding as to every team member’s role and also have a grip as to how those roles and responsibilities fit together. For instance, which tasks hinge on one another? What can be done separately?

These are some areas of improvement that are frequently missed and to locate them; you’ll have to take note of when employees start getting less productive. You’ll need to have a time tracking process that figures out exactly what is slowing down the project’s progress. This makes a significant difference in your overall cohesiveness and speed.

iv). Know The Most Efficient Employees

It goes without saying that employees are different and so are their performances. Having a measure of employees’ varying efficiency levels can prove to be highly beneficial for your organization. This way, you can reward the top performers who will motivate them as well as the average ones. You’ll also know how to deal with those under-performers in your rank either by reassigning or training them.

The two widely used tracking methods used to quantify employee performance include: Production counts which include units, keystrokes and sales produced and Personnel Data that includes absenteeism, hours worked and work attendance. Both of the mentioned methods will need some form of time tracking. Quantifying production only becomes meaningful when time is involved.

Increased Productivity

Staff members who submit their working hours after the day likely possess excellent time management skills while carrying on with their duties. Time tracking assists employees to record and monitor their work in detail as you ignore external distractions that would typically be of hindrance to you. This includes things like browsing the Internet, talking or using the phone or excessive socializing. Did you know that multitasking actually decreases one’s productivity by up to 45%? These figures are pretty detrimental to your business success.

Time tracking’s job is to highlight projects that are taking too much-needed man working hours. Managers are given a leeway to help them in deciding the risk vs reward ratio of each project spending time. There are times when companies launch the projects simultaneously, with ample time given to every project. Time tracking assists managers spot and eliminates potential projects that aren’t integral to the progress and increase of revenue.


Undoubtedly, a well-run project is best characterized by good communication. For good communication to be attained, transparency and accountability are the building blocks of it all. With time tracking software, employees can automatically log their hours to show transparency in their work. By giving your workers information and autonomy, it will improve trust among the team members and help cut down on mistakes.

Managers often give certain work for employees to complete but know little concerning the working process. A Time tracking app will provide total transparency concerning the jobs at hand, how long it’ll take for it to get completed and also illuminate other neglected tasks. Through transparency, managers will be allowed to re-examine employee workload and offer them with necessary resources to complete duties efficiently and quickly.

Jobs that take too long to execute can be rendered by the team members and optimized in such a way that it doesn’t disturb the flow of work. Time tracking software allows one to know which areas of the project will need more employees and additional working hours. Time tracking will allow the managers a chance to plan for what comes next and be able to schedule more staff members on the busy days and few employees on those days when production levels are low or at a standstill.

This software will also open up channel transparency among coworkers. A team may believe that they’re carrying the majority of the workload whilst another department is slacking off and add nothing to projects, will understand what the bigger picture is. With online time tracking, team members can get to see in real-time which teams are completing tasks. Time tracking software also makes sure that an employee gets credit where it’s due; performances will not go unnoticed, whereas the software clearly shows they finished their tasks within a certain duration of time. It just makes things a little fair.

Improved Scheduling

The honor system is all well and good in theory; you create trust with your staff to get in on time, go for scheduled work breaks and remain till the work shift ends. But to be honest, that’s just being impractical. Don’t expect your employees to give themselves up when they arrive late or even leave for the end of the working day. You deserve to know how much they’re exactly owed. With a time tracking software, you’ll be getting improved scheduling which can save your business thousands of dollars annually by paying employees the exact money owed to them without error.

Ubiquitous Computing

Most companies today don’t necessarily host their work in the same establishment, city, or country. The digital age has made it possible for many businesses to have working stations and offices in various locations. That makes it very challenging to report to the same supervisor or manager concerning the work completed.

Time tracking software offers organizations with access to every facet of operations to make sure work is done to completion regardless of geographical location. One massive upside about online time tracking is how it’s not exclusive to just one device. So long as the contractor/employee has Internet access, they can virtually access the program from their tablet, cellphone, desktop computer or laptop. So regardless of where the employee is located, you can monitor their working hours and get detailed reports concerning the tasks they’ve done.

Billing All Your Work

No one likes getting short-changed. If you’re charging your client by the hour, time tracking is an asset. Furthermore, how else will you measure client charges? Tracking all your time accurately reflects all of your work and shows the client exactly what they’re paying. Eliminate the guesswork from it all with time tracking, where no details will be misrepresented or left out, and all of your internal costs accounted for.

You don’t want to find that you’ve underestimated the time it took for your team to complete a project and sell your efforts short. Also, overcharging your clients is a no-go given that it will for sure damage any relationship fostered. It’s an asset when it comes to judging the duration of time future work will take. Have a realistic idea of the hours spent on a specific task.

So why use Time Clock Hub?  It’s simple; it has everything you need!

– All-In-One Solution: They provide you with an all-inclusive solution which allows you to gain access to payroll reports, track employee working hours, manage and allocate tasks, advanced online employee scheduling, paid time off tracking and time tracking. And the best part is that they can all be found within one platform.

– Save Time & Money: It comes with features other software charges extra for. Otherwise you could be spending up to $500 every month on a tracker. With Time Clock Hub, you can get the service free forever, can cancel anytime and can accommodate unlimited users. So forget about paying HR to handle Scheduling, Time Tracking and Payroll. Time Clock Hub calculates employee working hours automatically. They can save your business an average of $3,700 every year by eliminating the possibility of employee overpayments.

– Create Custom Reports: With a click of a button, you can create and customize payroll reports from where you can upload the figures to your preferred accounting software. Time Clock Hub allows you to build a detailed reimbursement report and employee pay with data that matters most. They have a simple interface that’s easy to navigate and makes uploading and storing expense reports simple enough.

– Works On All Internet Connected Devices: Their software operates on laptops, Windows, desktop computers, Chrome OS, Android, tablets, iOS, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge… It allows for flexible online time tracking for both stationary and remote employees. It can allocate a specific location through IP addresses.

– Simple To Use: The signup process is easy, quick and has an intuitive dashboard which makes it easy for one to navigate around the system. They also have a friendly support team that’s always there via live chat or phone call.

– Security & Reliability: You can rely on Time Hub to accurately calculate employee working hours. The figures are in real-time with an uptime of 99.9%. All data backed up with Cloud-Based Hosting. The system also has a 256 Bit SSL Encryption that will guarantee the safety of company and employee information. The servers are operational and are monitored 24 hours / 7 Days a week.

– Clock Point Technology: With this, you can prevent unauthorized employees and locations from clocking in. This is a sophisticated IP feature that allows you to assign a specific tablet, computer, mobile device, location or any area of your choosing.

Companies utilizing the free online employee time clock provided by Time Clock Hub can expect to get the following features specially designed to make your business not only grow but thrive.

1.Accurate Employee Time Tracking

2.Efficient Employee Scheduler

3.Tools and Custom Features (Remote Tracking, Job Codes, Overtime Settings, Mobile App, Clocking Restrictions)

4. Fast and Easy Payroll Generation

5. Customizable Employee Reports

6. Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking and Monitored

The information you get from time tracking is integral to your organization’s success. The cost of inaccurate or hidden data can drastically affect your entire team and a further lack of visibility into the processes will for sure change the bottom line. And the amount of time taken to address these issues could be spent on the project work at hand. With time tracking software, you’ll remove the guesswork and have reliable data you require to make an impactful and informed decisions to help your business thrive.

With advanced Payroll Reporting and Online Scheduling, you can begin your online time tracking now. From accounting systems and [project management methodologies to efficient communication and collaboration process, time tracking allows employees and businesses to increase their productivity to unprecedented heights. And the best part about it all is how it won’t cost you a dime. No credit card or anything. It’s absolutely FREE!  Start today with your free online employee time clock!

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