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Oct 06

What Is a Non-Exempt Employee

Employee Payroll

  The human resource industry divides employees into two broad categories: exempt and non-exempt. Compensation structure is the key difference between exempt and non-exempt employees. Both categories of employees have a right to earn the minimum wage rate. However, non-exempt employees generally qualify for overtime pay, and they are paid an hourly rate. While exempt […]

Oct 06

Benefits of Using an Employee Scheduling App

Time Tracking

As is the norm with any business, there are several employees involved in the daily transactions. Scheduling can often be problematic especially if there are changes with any of the employees. It’s best to invest in an employee scheduling app rather than dealing with the unnecessary headaches that come with numerous scheduling changes,. There are […]

Oct 01

What Does Turnover Mean In Staffing?

Employee Management

Turnover means different things to different industries. In business, it refers to the amount of money a company takes in over a particular time period from the standard business activities. It differs from profit, which is turnover less expenditure. What is Turnover in Staffing? Turnover is also used to define the rate at which businesses […]