motivate employees

Most employers want long-term employees who remain dedicated to their jobs. However, there are times when some employees doubt the company or talk about moving on to work for other companies. Here are 9 ways to motivate employees without money.

1. Find Out How Content They Are

Find out the level of contentment that your employees feel while working on the job. Ask if they rather work another position, and try to offer a training program to get them promoted. Keeping your workers motivated means finding out what makes them happy or unhappy.

2. Send Out Employee Surveys

Learn more about your employees through surveys. For many bosses, talking to them face to face is difficult. Instead, have your workers fill out surveys that provide more insights into their minds.

3. Invite Them to Different Events

Work performance is linked to work participation. So keep staff interested in their work by inviting them to different motivational events. In every industry, there are many seminars and conferences that business people attend. Allow your employees the chance to interact freely with other professionals.

4. Ask What They Like About the Company

Ask your employees to list everything they like about their jobs, apart from the money. They will remember why they are working there, which is not solely to earn a paycheck. They may feel motivated to improve the areas in which they work.

5. Keep a Suggestion Box

If an employee survey is too complicated, set up a suggestion box. Suggestion boxes are very effective at letting people voice their concerns anonymously. And employees can say their frustrations without fearing termination.

6. Volunteer Regularly

Ask your employees to take on work-related volunteer assignments. Tell them that volunteering helps to build their resumes. Have them prepare for more responsibilities or a higher position within the company.

7. Show Examples

Show examples of employees who are happy about their jobs. Remind them that many people are able to be happy and earn a living at the same time. When your employees see how other people behave, they may feel inclined to act the same way.

8. Give Them More Control

Many employees complain about being hassled by their bosses. And they feel that their superiors do not trust them to do the job right. So show them that they are trusted, and give them more control over their own decisions.

9. Compliment Them

Motivate your staff with positive thinking. Too many bosses ignore the good work that is being done for the company. Show workers that they are valued by giving more compliments.

Employee motivation is the number one factor that leads to an individual’s success on the job. Strive to keep your workers motivated, not just to make more money but to enjoy their work. Look for ways to help them become better professionals all around.

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